Wisdom Healing Center was founded in 2010 with a desire to help people all over the globe by providing energy healing for various life related issues.

Our team can help you with different problem areas in your life with online energy healing of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Psychological areas through distance healing. Besides healing the Center also provides life counselling & confession sessions.

Our Team

The Center has very well qualified and experienced team. Ashwani Kumar Bhasker is a expert energy healer for last 15 years with lot of experience. Tejas Patel is qualified Advanced Energy Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, Crystal Healer & Meditation Trainer. He carries experience of 9 years.

The team has the experience of  healing thousands of patients including many difficult cases. Our team will do everything possible to help you with any life issues through distant healing. We are committed to help people realize their full life potential and we are confident that we can help you with any difficult life situation.

You will find many commonly asked questions about our counselling & healing sessions, energetic scans or customized healing on our FAQ’s page.

If you have any questions about any of our services and sessions feel free to communicate us at [email protected]. We do not have international calling at this time. We generally respond to all emails within 24-48 hours. We send no automated mails. Please do understand we cannot interrupt a healing session to reply. With all communications, please include your name, sex, age, location, email id and healing session you are inquiring about.

Thanks for sparing your valuable time.

Wisdom Healing Center